Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Logee's Wishlist

I love looking at the Logee's catalog, but dang are things expensive in there! Not that I haven't bought more expensive plants, but they aren't usually the size Logee's sells them for! So here is what I have been drooling over:

1. Advocado 'Day' (Persea americana)
2. Fig 'Petite Negra' (Ficus carica)
3. Double Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia species)
4. Angel's Trumpet 'Angel's Summer dream' (Brugmansia hybrid)

Spring Has Sprung Early!

This last week, it was in the 80s here! It was GREAT! My garlic is already a foot tall and my lillies are poking out of the ground! It drops back down a bit this coming week, but I am OK with that!

My new Hellebore bloomed....NOT the color I expected! In fact, it is FAR from it! It was supposed to be this beautiful red color and I got GREEN! I wish I remembered who I bought it from so I could RETURN it! UGH! Now what the hell am I going to do with it?!

My collard greens survived the winter and is trying to bloom now. My neighbors are going to be moving this spring and I am going to miss them dearly as well as their kiddos and chickens! This corner of the neighborhood won't be the same again! :(

Last month I got a new foster dog, but she isn't much of a gardening buddy! She ate my fertilizer this morning!

It's been a super mild winter and I am grateful! I just hope the bugs aren't too horrible this year!