Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Full Memorial Day Weekend of Plantings!

Right row: 

Pumpkin French Musquee Provence
Pumpkin Sugar
Kabocha sake home
Butternut Squash
Acorn Squash

Middle row:

Warty pumpkin 
White pumpkin
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Zucchini Dark Star
Cucumber Lemon

Left row:

Sweet potatoes

My Sugar Ann sugar snap peas bloomed this pink bloom this morning!

Got my Peonies in the ground today! Left to right: Sorbet (pink & yellow) herbaceous peony, yellow tree peony, Gardenia (white) herbaceous peony and Kopper Kettle tree peony.

I also moved my blackberry as hubby was weed whacking it even though it had a red tag on it! Planted my sweet peppers, edamame, mystery eggplant, rosemary, acorn & butternut squash, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potatoes, basil, strawberries, cilantro, sunflower and potted up my super hot peppers into larger pots. 

I went to plant my Hakone grass and decided another location would be better for it and planted them by the fence still, but in the planter boxes a previous owner had created. Unfortunately I only had five plants so it is very limited at the moment. When I find more, I will purchase more! It should look pretty damn good once I get the boxes filled! Now I just have to figure out something else that is tolerant of furry footed traffic that also tolerates dry soil :) 

It was quite the productive day! I even vacuumed the whole house! Tomorrow, I need to cut down the dead stuff off my Hydrangea and roses. I was surprised to see the roses actually coming back to life! All the new growth is coming off the base. I'm hoping it's not the rootstock growth. So I will be pruning those up too as well as mopping all the floors and cleaning the bathrooms! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

WOOHOO! Memorial Day is Upon Us!

I'm not celebrating because it is a three day weekend. I'm celebrating as a gardener in zone 6a that it is time to plant my plants in the ground!!! :D

My collard greens came back!

See the little guy at the bottom and its predecessor all dried up behind it?

And this morning I found my first sugar snap pea! YAY!
I love these tomato cages! I just went and got three more to expand it since I have about 6-7 tomato plants to plant! I'm going to have tomatoes coming out of my EARS! :)
My garlic is doing well too! Look how big they are!
Some of the plants I haven't dug up yet that I dug up from the old house. I swear there are like no plants left there anymore LOL
More plants from the old house...
And more from the old house...
A photo bomb by the dog and another Peony :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mystery ID

So I walk out this morning to check on my seedlings, which are growing really nicely! I come upon a lone (what I think is) pepper in a tray. What is it??? I didn't label it! *sigh* What did I do?! I didn't document each and every single one on here, so I am unable to go back to a previous entry to see which one it is. This is pretty sloppy of me! So now I have a NOID pepper. :\ least I think it is a pepper! I need to find a cheap source of tags. This isn't cutting it!