Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NOT Bell Peppers!

My "yellow bell peppers" are really not looking that way. I don't know
what they are, but what are the chances that this was the only
seedling that survived that I started and the only one that doesn't
match what I had wanted on the package?!

My Garlic Harvest

I can't remember which ones are Music and which ones aren't. They are
smaller than I expected, but at least I got some!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Blooms

I am so hot from cleaning the house that I decided to take a peek at my plants. I wanted to weed some plants out and downsize some, but as usual, that was pretty unsuccessful. I only found one plant! Of course, I didn't look outside, but as I was looking at what was left of my collection in the basement, while the others summered outside, I saw this little guy in bloom! I didn't even know it was in spike! When I say is LITTLE! Maybe about 3" wide? The flowers are smaller, but they are also fragrant! It's a Neofinitia falcata. What name I don't know...forgot to look on the tag. It smells good enough to eat! I also found a Masdevallia in bloom. I saw the bud come up a few weeks ago and thought it was the only one, but turns out there are more to come! I will get a picture of it when it finally opens up all the way.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Planters

With new Caladiums...looks nice! Let's hope what I transplanted

Front Yard Today

Added Nasturtium seedlings after the storm washed away my compost.

Supposedly Yellow Bell Peppers...

These do not look like any sort of bell peppers to me!

Black Krim Tomatoes Getting Big!