Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tomato Eating

I picked my first Black Krim recently because it was cracked and started to get "soft." Boy is it yummy! My bearded dragon didn't think so though. She ignored it! Humph! I haven't picked any of the other tomatoes cuz I figured soon as I picked them the sooner they would rot! The basil is yummy as always! It's been quite chilly at night recently, almost feels like an October night! It's just getting a tad too chilly for my liking. Still quite humid tho!

I haven't had the time to finish reading that grass book. Hopefully after this week is over I can sneak some time here and there to finish it. Maybe I'll learn something! :) Anyway, back to studying!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rotting Zucchini

At first glance you would think the dog decided to make himself a cool bed out in the yard at the look of my Zucchini plants, but upon closer inspection the plant itself isn't is mushy! I kinda figured this would happen as each time I pulled a Zuchini off and it left an exposed wound to bacteria all around. So my guess is that it got a bacterial infection and it has died :( Now my bed is going to look all empty! I picked my big zucchini that I didn't pick in time and let go to seed. There are two more fingerling baby zucchinis on the plants. So I guess we'll see!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall is Around the Corner

Football has apparently started. That is my signal that fall is just around the corner. Probably another reason why I hate football! Means my growing season is coming to an end! This last week has been super stressful as it was my first week of fall semester back at school. I have a very rigorous class that I have been spending every free moment studying for already. The only times I take a break are if I am eating or if I am taking a short break. It's been hard falling off the face of the earth to everyone I know. I like to keep in touch! So hi to all those folks out there that have not heard from me! I am not dead, just super super busy! I had to force myself to do the dishes today since I have been too busy to do them and the sink was overflowing.

So some garden two Black Krim tomatoes are not only growing at different speeds, but the fruit produced is also looking drastically different from each other. One is more black than the other. One of the fruits has already cracked so much I can see the seed in it. Probably needs to be eaten ASAP so that it doesn't just rot on the vine.

Everything else has been really dry. Some of my ferns have died back, my Irish Moss is trying to go. I hope the both of them have established themselves enough that they will come back next year. Everything else is pretty uneventful. Oh! I did catch the vole that was digging tunnels all over my yard with a mouse trap! WOOHOO! I did re-set it in case it decided to leave me any friends or offspring that might want to see who took mommy's life!

Anyway, back to the grindstone here....

Friday, August 15, 2008


I am now reading The Organic Lawn Care Manual by Paul Tukey. I am in chapter 4 and never thought of growing grass was such a science! There is lots to learn on just how to grow grass, not just organically! The types of grass (there are lots!), where they grow, what they tolerate, what they love, etc. Will update on what I learn!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomato Growth Progress

I am finally done with my chores and had some time to take some updated pictures. The garlic is all harvested. They weren't as fat as I had hoped they would be, but here are some shots of the tomatoes instead:

The tomato in the foreground in the pot is the same as the taller tomato in the ground in the way back, Black Krim. The one in the ground got more constant water as there was more ground to be saturated with the stuff and it probably got some weed and feed too when bf put some down w/o telling me he was going to do so! So it is quite a difference as you shall see...

This is what the whole area looks like now. The zucchini plants have given me 4 zucchinis of which I am afraid to eat due to the weed and feed. There is still one giant zucchini on the vine because I let it get too big to take off. It wouldn't be good to eat so I thought I'd let it go to seed. The honeysuckle sure got big over the Vegas weekend! I had to tie it up some more. No flowers yet, maybe next year!

One giant ugly Black Krim tomato. This is the biggest of them all and grows on the bigger, in the ground, tomato bush. I believe this was the first tomato to grow. You can see how big it is against the is in inches.

These are two smaller Black Krims as you can see. They are two of very few growing in the pot and are ripening up already. These will have less of a chance that they got any weed and feed as evidenced by their size :) Can't wait to try these out as they are AWESOME tomatoes! I think I will always have one of these growing in my yard each summer!

Hood Rat

No, not the furry four legged with a tail type vermin....the two legged I don't give a shit as to what society says kind. I know it's not my neighbors because they have RESPECT. This is the view outside my front door this morning:

The yellow circles indicate where my planters have resided for the past 3 years since I have lived in this house. The green circles indicate where my planters were this morning as I walked outside! I don't go walking into YOUR yard and messing it up. Why the FUCK would you touch mine?! Yeah, no harm done, but guess what? There is, cuz I am not supposed to lift anything more than 10 lbs at the moment! To the jackass that thought this was funny. You come here and do this again and I'll have something nice waiting for you. Stay the fuck away from my property!