Monday, March 25, 2013

Orchid Show Weekend

This past weekend brought our annual orchid show. I didn't have a decent thing to enter! One broken spike, one partially blasted spike and one that hasn't bloomed yet! This was the first time that I have had nothing to show!

I worked for Robert's Flower Supply as usual. All the vendors sold a ton of stuff! Floradise had only SEVEN plants left to take back! I didn't sell as much as I wanted to because the society kept my plants hidden. Someone also stole a plant I had for a friend, which was nice of them to do! Otherwise, I got some nice plants and supplies! I picked up:

Masdevallia venus
Masdevallia norup
Bulbophyllum bicolor
Scaphosepalum fimbriatum
Maxillaria schunkeana
Potinara Love Call 'Nora'
Cymbidium Enzon Shining 'Shiny Yellow' 4n x Minuet 'N.H.' 4n
Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Blue Bird'

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Signs of Spring

My New & Improved Meyer Lemon has been tantalizing me for weeks with one bud and tonight, it has finally decided to start opening up! Mmm!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE citrus blossom scent! Not only was I blessed with this & the 70 degree weather today, but I also noticed there were MORE blooms to come! Yipee!

At the new house, I've decided that all the ivy has to go. They are ruining the fence! I will be meticulously chopping all that down soon! Just have to decide where my compost pile will be! I think if the beds in the back aren't planted with anything I will turn those into my food garden. Unfortunately, the gardens have been chemically treated :( No idea how long it will take to undo all that.