Sunday, May 22, 2016

Peonies & More

It's been a very rainy spring, especially May! The garlic are nice and tall and some are thicker than my thumb! The peonies are now starting to bloom, but it looks like I got the wrong color again! *sigh*. I won't be growing much this year. A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I am not sure where things stand at the moment. Lots of ground cherries have sprouted as well as pumpkins and lemon verbena. I am pulling out the sprouts as they come up. 

Peony 'Sorbet'
 Supposedly a yellow tree peony....doesn't look too yellow to me!
Peony 'Gardenia' on the left and Kopper Kettle tree peony on the right.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Soil Therapy

It was SO nice out today! I had to dig in the dirt a bit. Finally cleaned up the veggie garden and pulled some more weeds. I started to plant my asparagus until halfway through I realized why I had held off, corn gluten! I had just put the stuff down to prevent spring weed seed germination! UGH! Oh well....I continued on anyway! They'll root when they can! I moved two day lilies. I should really get rid of the one and move another one in its place that is much shorter. Then all I have to do is find a home for the last one! They get too big for the area for which I'd rather grow vegetables instead!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Asparagus & Bats

I've been meaning to plant asparagus. Actually, I did plant some at my old house, but I did not have enough sun and I doubt anyone knows what is growing there now! Anyhow, I meant to plant some at the current house, but I never got around to it! If I had planted it my first year here we would've been eating plenty this year! However, I didn't know what variety to buy. I was at Lowes today and saw they had ORGANIC asparagus crowns! A quick search lead me to Mother Earth News' site (love that site!) and it said that male plants produce the most spears without the added hassle of female plants producing seed that sprout and are hard to get rid of! The suggested varieties were the Jersey ones so I picked up two packs of 6 each, giving me a dozen plants! The site said 25 plants yields 10 lbs of asparagus so I am expecting around 5 for my amount! I picked up 'Jersey Knight'. Now I just have to figure out where I want to plant them and when! They seem to be sprouting already in the little bags.

A few days ago, before the orchid show, I was upstairs in the nursery. I had sat down on the floor to check on my ferns and upon getting up, the floor squeaked, which is not unusual for a 116 year old house! But then, I heard flapping! Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. As I focused onto the area of movement, I realize it was a bat! Oh yeah, I screamed like a girl! Then I panicked! What do I do?!?!?!?! After I saw that it quit moving, I ran downstairs for a box. Upon coming back upstairs, I grabbed one of my new canvases so that I could scoop it in the box and keep it in there. However, when I got back into the room, the bat was...GONE! ACK! Where did it go?! I immediately texted hubby who told me to text a friend of ours who had experience with a bat indoors. She told me that they feed only 20-30 mins each night and they always come out at the same time. Well I closed the door to the room in hopes that it did not escape while I was out looking for a container to capture it with. I checked for days and saw no bat. I knocked around the room hoping it would appear. No bat. Tonight, I went to check again and noticed a dark blob where there should be no blob and viola! Found the bat! I was really lucky that it was hanging out in the blinds by the window! I carefully opened up the window and placed a tennis racket over it so that it could not fly back into the room. I tapped the blinds a few times in hopes that it would scare it to fly out the window, but no such luck! I had to use a bamboo skewer to gently prod at it in hopes that it would leave. It really did not want to leave! I didn't blame it....the cold room was much warmer than it was outside! Eventually I used the bamboo skewer to move it's little legs off the blinds and it was at that point it decided to jump out the window with its wings spread. Unfortunately it did not attempt to fly! It fell on the roof and bounced a few times down. I'm sure it got a concussion! Eventually it landed inside the gutter. I was hoping it would land on the roof so I could get a picture, but landing in the gutter is better for the little guy b/c it was a long fall had it fallen off onto the ground! I hope it found its way home, away from my house! Hopefully it never comes back inside either!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

Boy this year was a disappointment to the local ski resorts! There was no snow! We went skiing for the first time here right on the biggest snow day, but that was it! However, as a gardener, I sure was excited! The only thing I am not looking forward to is the bug population, except for the good bugs! Anyhow, two days ago, Sunday, I was able to finally see my garden in good light thanks to Daylight Savings! My garlic is a good 6-8" tall now. Lots of weeds that overwintered and thanks to the rain last night, the soil was nice and soft to dig in and pull weeds out! I also planted some peas tonight since this Thursday and Friday are orchid show days so I won't be home early enough to see. Of course, that has never stopped me before! :D

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Garlic & Impending Hard Frost

Columbus Day came and went this week, but I was so busy I wasn't able to plant my garlic. Tonight I needed some garden therapy and my garlic needed to be planted so I cleared out the tomatoes and planted the garlic in its spot. By the time the tomatoes were out, it was dark and I had to plant by head lamp! They maybe a bit crooked, but they are in! Will need to get some compost! 

This coming weekend will be our first frost and it will be a hard one, I think! I still have a few plants to dig into the ground, but if not, I can place them next week I guess! I would just have to bring them back inside during the cold spell! I think the Dahlias will need to be dug up next week I bet. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn is Upon Us

The Autumn equinox is upon us this week, however, it has yet to feel like it and I am not complaining considering the slow start to summer that we had! I went to Lowes today in hopes of finding more larger plastic pots for my hot peppers. Unfortunately they had none. What I did find was some bulbs! Found a pretty big Allium that blooms 10-12", Christophii. I also got two bags of Ruby Giant Crocrus and planted them in front of the house by the upper walkway. It gave me a chance to yank out some of the variegated ivy in the one area.

My super hot peppers took a toll this summer during our drought. Some of the plants in the smaller pots really got stressed even though I watered daily. Finally I had the time to pot them up even though it is almost time to have them come back in. I pondered moving some plants in, but I hated to lose outdoor time by bringing them in too early. :\

I pulled up some dead Dill and found a volunteer Indigo Rose tomato! I also pulled out some really dead tomatoes, Manyel and Black Krim. :'(

Friday, August 14, 2015

Visitors & Harvest

Two days ago I discovered a visitor and it brought some friends! 😄👍 It has been hanging out for 48 hrs already! 
Pineapple tomato ready!
Black Krim ripening up!
Manyel, the tomato I accidentaly bought, is a great producer! 
Ghosts ready!
More Ghosts
And more Ghosts...
Moruga Scorpions