Monday, May 31, 2010

All the tiny buds on my Bhut Jolokia!

Look at all the tomatoes on my Micro Tom!

My find at the Bonsai show. Thought this had an interesting shape to work with.

My Bouganvilla bonsai I bought at the bonsai show. It had two flowers on it, but I knocked it off when I took it out of its bag! :(

Paph seedlings on top, Bulbophyllum seedlings on the bottom.

Tiny Tom!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blooms on my Black Sambuca

Mystery sprouts popping up all over the garden! This one is right over where I buried my leopard gecko, Pinky. Later on I figured out they were Safflower sprouts! My little chipmunk must've planted them there!

'Sugar Ann' sugar snap peas are growing! Have eaten some off the vine already. There will probably be none left for cooking!

My garlic/lily patch.

Honeysuckle about to bloom.

Honeysuckle is full of buds! They are mostly in bloom already!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So much as been going on since my last entry...

My 'Sugar Ann' sugar snap peas are blooming and growing peas! They are quite tasty! I need to grow MORE! Surprisingly, the seeds under the honeysuckle aren't growing as well as the peas in the pots!

My honeysuckle has buds galore and the peonies are about done. :(

I put my Epiphyllums out for the first time (some in full sun!) and I am getting some mega growth on some of them! I am hoping they BLOOM!

Planted all my peppers except for Bhut Jolokia because I plan on overwintering it indoors. It has buds already at 4" tall! I gave my future Uncle B-in-law some seeds and my future Dad-in-law a plant I had started later. Both their plants are the same size if not taller than mine, but it takes about 180 days to reach maturity and mine has buds already, albeit small buds! They are buds nonetheless! I will be drowning in hot peppers this fall!

My Dahalia 'Seattle' has grown back! I was wondering if it would cuz by spring it was looking a bit shriveled up. I planted it in the ground this year because the peas are in the big pot it grew in last year. I might have to dig it up and transplant it because if it gets really big it's going to block my tomatoes, which is growing right next to it.

I still gotta find room for my one leftover ostrich fern, oregano, columbine and asparagus. I think I'll plant my thornless blackberry (Really! There is not one thorn on it!) in my neighbor's yard. It's a rental and there are already raspberries there. The owner said we were welcomed to eat from them as well as the fruit trees. He was the one who sold us our house too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peony 'Sorbet'

It finally bloomed its first bloom! :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Deals!

Oh man oh man oh man! I love deals! Because I broke my toilet seat last night...I know, never heard of it! I went to buy a new toilet seat! Got one on sale and then headed over to the gardening department at Lowes to get more safflower seeds. My birds are voracious! I watched a little finch flinging all my safflower seeds everywhere! I guess they have learned that if they keep digging the good food will come out since I was layering the no mess seeds w/ the safflower to deter my squirrels!

So lucky me, the safflower was on sale for $1-ish off. Then I saw the Scott's no mess blend was on sale too! 5.5 lbs for $2.39 vs. the other brand I usually get, which is 5 lbs for about $5-ish! So I swiped the whole shelf clean of all eight bags :D

I had also been eyeing the Strawberries & Cream Hydrangea when they first came in, but didn't get one because they were not hardy here in zone 6a. I found one half dead on the sale shelf for $3! But because it looked so bad I got it for $1 instead! I also got a, get this....a THORNLESS blackberry! Also for $3 and perfectly healthy!

I am a happy camper even though I should not have bought more stuff LOL

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birds, Finds, Growth and Disappointments

My bird feeder seems pretty popular. After the rain stopped today it was buzzing with activity! It's probably because I never let it run out. Soon as it gets low, I fill it! I love watching the Mourning Doves peck around. They remind me of mini wild chickens or something! My lily leaves are less deformed from insects eating them this year. I think the birds had to do with that!

While I was out there tonight, I also noticed that someone had weed whacked two of my garlics! They are completely beheaded! Not one single leaf left! I don't know if they will be ok. They are supposed to start bulbing soon...they might not make it :(

My sugar snap peas are getting quite tall, but no signs of buds yet! The Arugula and Mustard Greens are growing quite well, albeit small still.

Yesterday at Lowes, I found 2 qt. size basil and oreganos for $1 each! All looking quite healthy too! I picked up four basil and two oregano! I also picked up a new peony. I couldn't help it...they were so pretty in bloom! At least this way I'll know it is blooming sized already! I think I have the white one I picked up last year on sale planted in too deep of shade. It should've bloomed this year I think, but then again, it was a pretty small plant last year. I will give it one more year before I try and move it.

Now that those trees are gone in the backyard. I was thinking of planting some sunflowers there as well as my two new peonies. I think I will add my veggies there too. It's a nice location for those items as it gets a lot more sun than the rest of my yard does. Hopefully the tree stumps won't be in the way for the peonies. I hope they rot quickly, but then again, the one in the front yard is STILL there....! :\

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Itoh Peony

About two years ago I had eyed these peonies. They are a cross between
a herbaceous peony and a tree peony. Since tree peonies grow in full
sun and these were recommend to grow the same way, I was hesitant to
pay $60 for one! The vendor said he was testing them out in shade.
Upon checking up with him this year and describing my conditions to
him, he confirmed that it would grow and bloom! So I picked up a
'Kopper Kettle'! I am technically out of room, but for this plant...I
gotta make space! I would love a peony garden....

Rabies Challenge Fund ::

Mushroom Sandwiches at May Market

Fondant Strawberries at May Market

Friday, May 7, 2010

May Market Finds

$15 for a 2007 limited edition Swarovski ornament and 25¢ for the little tub!

May Market 2010

Went to May Market today. I thought I was early enough, but people were already shopping by the time I got there! I bought a Cherokee Purple tomato (since they didn't have my favorite, Black Krim), Micro Tom tomato, Thai Red Hot Pepper, Red Habanero, Doll's Eyes, Twinleaf, and a dwarf Ginkgo! I also ate the famous mushroom sandwich and also had the mushroom bisque. Managed to burn my hand pretty well on the bisque! Don't ask...! I also had to have the famous strawberries too!

In the afternoon I manned the Pot-A-Plant booth, which was total disaster. The tent we were in was away from all the vendors and no one came by. There were no signs to show the customers what was going on in our booth and we weren't part of the festivities. Oh well....! Tomorrow I go back for the same thing, but it's supposed to be cold, windy & rainy! :o

First Slide:

Left: Doll's Eyes - Actaea pachypoda, Woodland plant with small white blooms in May with white berries with black "eyes" in late summer. Grows 1-3' tall in part to full shade.

Right: Twinleaf - Jeffersonia diphylla, Woodland plant with white flowers growing singly on each stalk. Leaves are divided into two leaflets growing 1-2' tall in shade and average soil.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

$0.50 Poppy

This is one of two poppies I bought for $0.50 each. This one bloomed today!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cyp. Aki Changes Color

Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve Sale Finds

Wild Strawberry



Foam Flower

Rue Anemone

Pale Violet

Downy Yellow Violet

Canada Violet

Greek Valerian

I did also get two ostrish ferns, but did not take pics of them. I planted all but the one fern. Not sure where I want to place that yet. Hopefully they are all happy where they are and that the native fauna appreciates it!