Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So yesterday I got a bag of pine mulch. It sure looked heavier than it actually was! Covered my Cyps. with it and planted my Betilla and covered that also. I should've probably planted those at an angle so they'd grow straight, but I didn't. I should've also taken it out of its pot, but I also didn't! Maybe next spring I will dig them back up and take it off, but right now that is how they are going to overwinter! The one that couldn't overwinter outdoors I brought back indoors and placed it on my enclosed front porch, which leaks still so it is doing a slow cool down to dormancy. Hopefully it'll overwinter ok!

Got some garlic bulbs too. I think they are called "Magic", but since the nursery didn't mark it anywhere I'm not sure.

I also bought 3 pumpkins. They were expensive! $12.99 and $11.99 each! And a small one for $1.99! But since I was there already I didn't feel like driving elsewhere and wasting more gas! We'll have to carve them later this week.

It is getting cold quickly here. I am not enjoying it! What happened to that indian summer???

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This has been a really chilly autumn. All the plants are indoors already except for one terrestrial orchid that is outside. I am waiting for it to die back and go dormant before I bring it in. The other terrestrial orchid needs a home outside and I can't decide where to plant it! I still have yet to plant my garlic and other bulbs I got in the mail. Can't forget about those or else I won't have flowers or garlic next year! Other than that, not much going on....just trying to stay warm and improve my life with yet another degree!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roses at CCAC

So I have been attending school again at the local community college since August and every time I walk from the parking lot to class I catch this whiff of sweet smelling air. Turns out it's these gorgeous roses at this one mansion. I think it is part of the school, but I remember being on the haunted tour a few years ago and they said the place was haunted. Either way, what *awesome* roses! Alas, all the flowers have faded mostly. There are a few hanging in there and trying their best to look pretty and smell good. I can't wait to smell them again in full bloom next year!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saffron Crocus, Temp Drop, Plantings & Update

The temperature has dropped quite a bit in the last week or so. So much so that I had to bring everything back inside. My saffron crocus is blooming at the moment! I am glad to see that coming back. My Cyprepedium died back so I planted it underground so it can overwinter outside. Will have to mulch over it so it survives the winter! The orchid cactus and Cymbidiums are still outside getting their "cold treatment" in hopes that they will bloom! Here is what the Stapelia bud bloomed out to be as shown in the previous post: