Thursday, June 25, 2015

Beauty, Anticipation, & Disappointment

The cabbage worms were wrecking havoc on my cabbage this year. It's my first time growing it. I've been spraying it every other day to every few days with neem oil and all of the new growth so far has been intact!
I was also spraying my grapes with neem until we had two weeks straight of rain and I did not spray during the rain. Soon as it quit, these spots showed up 😕
These Yucca flowers are unique.
Garlic is ready to harvest!
I've been seeing these for the last couple of weeks at the local grocery store. They have no name, but boy are they pretty! I finally caved and bought one!
This little cutie has been teasing me for awhile! Still waiting!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Growing Like Weeds!

We've been having a TON of rain! Things are growing at record rates! Reminds me of gardening in Seattle ❤️

I thought this Arum cornutum was dead and I went to dump it in the compost only to find the corms were very much alive! So I tossed them back in without arranging them and it looks like they found their way up just fine!
The Ground Cherries are about 4' tall! 😳

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Bit Late & A Dollar Short

Today I started some Nasturtium Papaya Cream (left & middle) and Milkweed. It's a bit late for the milkweed, but oh well!

The volunteer ground cherries are blooming and setting fruit!

This cute little spider decided to make his home in a Lemon Cucumber bloom this morning.

Night Blooming Jasmine in bloom!

Blood Lily in bloom

Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Tomatoes

The first tomatoes have made their prescense known today! I can't wait! 

Some critter (rabbit? Raccoon?) has been eating my sugar snap peas and strawberries! I managed to pick those that had grown too long for seed. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Secrets & Adventures

Years ago my hubby's grandfather grew his squash in hanging baskets. I thought that was absolutely brilliant! I am finally trying that theory out this year. I think this was lemon cucumber. The rest of my squash is under netting this year thanks to possible squash vine borers, but I left this one uncovered to see if this would work. I doubt it as when I potted squash in pots it never stopped them!
This year I have a TON of volunteer ground cherries!
My cabbage was being eaten by a big fat caterpillar! Nothing that a dose of been oil wouldn't smother! I keep a sprayer full of it and apply every few days and after rainstorms. Looks like it is working as the new growth is unmarred!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Missing Oreophila

As I sit outside this morning in my new Sloggers (pictured above) eating my fresh watermelon, I realized I had not unearthed my Sarracenia oreophila this year! I have no clue where it is?! I guess since it hasn't come up, it didn't make it 😔

Gardening in the Dark

This maybe a throwback to when I worked second shift, but I LOVE gardening in the dark! I don't know why...maybe because it's cooler, maybe because it is extra peaceful. Whatever the reason, it is always just more enjoyable! So tonight, I potted up my super hot peppers and placed the duplicates in the ground. We'll see which ones grow better! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Garden Gloves

I have been on a quest for new garden gloves since my beloved pair of suede gloves starting really falling apart. I did find new suede gloves and bought two pairs, but I recently needed gloves with grip for some sailing I was doing and found these at my favorite nursery in Seattle, Sky Nursery! They do not breathe real well, but the grip is amazing and they fit my hands nicely! Apart from the non-breathable aspect, these are some really fantastic gloves! 
My Bletilla bloomed while I was away and is still in bloom!
These indoor orchids also bloomed while I was away!
This mystery plant has been confirmed as cilantro! It's huge! Will have to move this to the back soon! 
Saw this arrangement at the Valholl Brewery in Poulsbo, WA and thought it was pretty! 
Found this beautiful shrub at Sky Nursery!