Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stapelia & Neofinetia

So I brought two orchids, of which I was unhappy with, to the OSWP meeting this afternoon and gave them away for free. I, of course (must be an unwritten rule of orchid-holics), bring home three new ones instead! LOL I got a yellow flowering Neofinetia and one with red tails. Both are from Japan. I wish I could've bought more as I loved some of the real itty bitty ones! Maybe in the future. I also got a freebie Dendrobium. No idea what it'll look like, but I'll give it a shot!

So I come home, repot them like I normally do with any new orch
ids I get, cuz if I don't, they'll die! Especially if they are potted in sphagnum moss like these were. It just holds too much water and rots at my house. As I am putting my new plants on my light stand and watering them I notice that my Stapelia in bud...has gotten bigger! Not the plant, but the bud! It is cracking open too so this should be a pretty interesting and impressive flower! Much bigger than I am used to with my maroon 3/4" flower. This one looks to be a lighter color with spots too. Will get a pic when it opens, but this is what it is currently looking like:

I also came home to find my Bulbophyllum in full bloom, but it is all contorted. I tried fixing it prior to this pic:

This is what it is called in case you were wondering:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Neomarica longifolia in bloom!

Wow, I have waited a long time for these "walking irises" to bloom so that I could remember what color they are! I walked outside to an awesome surprise tonight, N. longifolia in bloom with two flowers and a bud! Of course I got pics! Will add one when I feel like downloading them. Now I have to go get a label so I don't forget what it is when it is done blooming! They are called "walking irises" because after they bloom a small plantlet will grow at the end of the bloom stalk and when that plant gets big enough gravity will pull it down to the ground and that little plant will root out into the soil, thus "walking" :D

Ok, here it is!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

End of Summer Update

Seems the end of summer is here. The days are much cooler than we were used to. Here is a little photo update as to what has been going on:

Sunday night, September 14, we had the remnants of what was hurricane Ike that touched land in Galveston, TX. We got no rain, but what a windstorm! We had power outages and things were blown around quite a bit. Pretty scary when I was outside! Can't imagine what it would be like to hunker down while a hurricane passed by...I would NOT want to be there!

My Black Krim tomato in the ground is so big that two stakes isn't holding it up any longer that I had to add two more!

Friday, September 5, 2008


If there is any doubt that weed and feed doesn't harm you, just look at your soil life. I received my earthworm cocoons today in the mail from Gardens Alive! and I went around my yard digging holes for these little guys. There was not one worm to be found! Not even the red wigglers I accidentally put into my garden last year! So if you don't think weed and feed is harmful....think again! Hopefully, I won't have to order new earthworms again now that I have re-"seeded" the yard again with them. I will be throwing away that bag of weed and feed ASAP to avoid this happening again!