Sunday, October 19, 2014

Garlic, Fall Deals, & Fleas

This year I am doing some crop rotation now that I have the space to do so now! Yesterday, I planted my garlic in my tomato patch this fall. Unfortunately the tomato plants are still growing so it was a bit hard to reach all the way in, but I tried my best! They should have plenty of space to grow and the area is already heavily amended so hopefully they really like it! I will add more compost later so they stay nice and snug throughout the winter. Because I didn't get as many bulbs (or as big) as I had hoped this year, I really don't have much garlic to use so I planted a lot. At least it's what I think is a lot! I didn't plant them all as much as I would like to! In order to plant as much garlic as I would like, I would have to not plant sweet potatoes and squash. I did exhaust the tomato patch so I had to plant a few more back into where I had them last year. 

The potatoes I threw out into my compost heap is really happy out there! 

Lowes has their perennials on sale! I picked up 4 variegated hostas for $1.50 each! :D I planted them by the side fence. When they grow in, they're going to be so pretty! 

Not only did Lowes  had perennials on sale, they also had those mini kales on sale that I was eyeing up earlier! The pansies were only 30¢ each! I got six! AND....pumpkins were on sale! Granted most of them did not have any stems left, but you can't beat half price! I wished that they had another one of the crooked necked gourds though. Oh well! The one I got had a huge crack in it, but who cares?

So for the first time in a long time, I have a flea issue! The last time was nine years ago! I'm thinking it's the neighborhood cats that have brought them into my yard. Today I treated the backyard with a product called Wondercide. It's totally organic (99% cedar oil) and is supposed to kill fleas and leave beneficial insects! So we'll see how it does! I used 2 oz in 2 gallons of water. It smells pretty good too! :D

There is also another product called Cedarcide, but I found it to be more expensive. 

I had to wait a few days to do so because of rain and my old sprayer was broken. I had ordered new parts, but one of them did not fit even though I had checked with Hudson on the right part number. Fed up, I got a new sprayer, a D.B. Smith Professional sprayer. I wasn't crazy about the all plastic parts compared to my brass wand with the Hudson sprayer, but I was pleasantly surprised when I went to use it. It comes with a few different nozzles, for which it is quite hard to understand how to put together if you are looking in the instruction booklet. The diagram is small and hard to figure out. It also has a lifetime guarantee on the parts! I could've bought a cheaper sprayer, but because of that guarantee, I chose to pay $10 more for this one instead. I'm hoping it lasts! Although really, I had my Hudson sprayer for a long time so I guess I should not be surprised that it has failed finally. I never did do any maintenance on it and probably did all I shouldn't with it like cleaning it out after I was done since I always liked to keep something in it for a quick fix! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Living Soil

It's pretty amazing that a year and a half ago when I got my new garden, all I had was clay! It was a bit disheartening to start all over again, but it hasn't taken long to see life in the soil again! It took a truckload and a few bags of compost and mulch and now when I dig into the dirt, I see.....WORMS! Not only do I see worms, but I see underground fungi growing and breaking things down so my plants can consume the nutrients that are released! The soil isn't quite as soft as it was at the old house, but it won't take long....just a few more truckloads of compost! :D Recently, a video, called Symphony of the Soil, was made available online about soil biology. It is only available for a few days until the 11th, two days from now, but it is worth watching! The cinematographer did a beautiful job on the movie, however, it really explains why we should be aware of what we do on this earth and how we go about consuming things. Why is soil so important? It's just dirt, right? This is something worth digging into ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Happenings

This is my largest tomato! I'm pretty sure I got the tags mixed up somehow and this Pineapple! It's got a great taste! Definitely will be growing this again! It's so pretty too!

The bottom of the tomato.

The inside! See how pretty it is?

I think this is my Japanese Kobacha squash....not sure? Will have to look at my seed packets, but it is getting big! 

My little watermelon! It's gotten big, but it isn't ripe yet still! *sigh*

Found a baby pumpkin growing! 

Another small pumpkin growing on the tomato cage! This one is bigger than the last. 

My beautiful kale! <3 p="">

Dahlia 'Potluck'. Not very impressed by this strain...less colorful than I expected! 

My milkweed finally bloomed! 

Seven spikes!!! This is the second time this Pleurothallis convallium 'D&M' has bloomed for me and I only got it this past May! 

This little Masdavallia Peachie must be happy with me as it threw out a spike!

Papillio in full bloom

Garlic 'Music' all squeaky clean and ready to be eaten/planted! Most of it will be planted as I did not get nearly enough to get much to be eaten this year unfortunately! :(