Monday, October 21, 2013

Penn Hills Lawn & Garden Center

We stumbled onto a new place today! Penn Hills Lawn & Garden Center! We were looking for firewood after our regular place told us they were closing up shop the next week and had this measly pile for $90! We said no thanks and ended up at this wonderful store in Penn Hills instead! They're open year round, have lots of indoor gardener's stuff, and some great plants! I couldn't help but buy two sedums from them since they were half price!

I also got an orchid for half off. They even gave me the other one for free, however, it turned out to be covered in scale and was pretty far gone and not worth saving once I got it home. However, I got a nice big free pot out of it! :) I repotted the orchid and it seems to be pretty happy or maybe it thinks it is going to die and is sending out new shoots at the moment. Otherwise, it was going to die in the cold nights outdoors at the nursery!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garlic is IN!

So the garlic is IN! Hopefully my hubby won't dig them up or squash them accidentally!

Music is planted right next to the grape vine!
Bogatyr is planted to the right of that rock line!