Friday, September 19, 2014

Globes, Pineapple, Spiranthes, Fungus & Tomatoes

Target had the smaller globes in their $1 section a few years ago. They were $3 each. I showed some restraint and only purchased two. I knew I'd regret it! Granted my hooks don't look the best, but I have to say I am really pleased with the look! The airplants not only look good, but they seem happier to does the winter in one too! 

I think this was Pineapple. What a beautiful and tasty tomato! Big too!

Spiranthes odorata blessed me with two spikes this year!

Some kind of weird fungus on my mushroom manure...?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Oddest Thing

Summer left us pretty quickly this year and the oddest thing has happened. All summer long my bird feeder had been going crazy and I think I went through a whole 40 lb bag of bird seed very quickly, however, in the last week or two, my bird feeder has been sitting completely full! The water feeder is completely devoid of bird poop so therefore, it is not green with algae like normal! Where are all the birds?!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ready for Winter!

Plants are ready for winter! All have been sunken into the ground. It'll be interesting to see if I remember where things are next year as I did not take inventory!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's Harvest

More Time

Summer is winding to an end. The nights are cooler now and by Saturday we will have dipped below 50F. As much as I love fall, I hate for my growing season to end already!

I never did get any squash to grow, summer or winter! They just did not set fruit! Those that survived anyhow...but my sweet potato vines are doing GREAT! I'm thinking I need to fertilize more as I do not have the abundant tomato harvest as I should. Of course, this was only my second summer growing in this location and the soil is not amended very well.

The only things that did well this year was my collard greens that came back from last year, the kale after my rabbit was killed, the jalapenos and ground cherry! Even the sweet peppers aren't ripe yet. The pear tree looks like it is now just setting pears on it! It is LATE!

A really weird thing has the last week, my bird feeder has been devoid of any birds. Not one single one has been by! Before I was refilling it like crazy! I wonder if something tried to eat the birds and scared them away? Or is it the temps?

I need to rotate the crops next year...I'm thinking garlic in the area where the sweet potatoes are, sweet potatoes will go into where the tomatoes are and the tomatoes will go to where the garlic was this year. Squash will go further down near the gate where there is more room for them to spread.