Monday, July 26, 2010

July Growths

Bleeding Heart is going into dormancy and isn't looking so great. I'm also thinking it ought to be propped up like a peony too. Thinking of replacing the peony next to it too since it didn't turn out to be a Sarah Bernhardt!

Another view of the front.

Red blooming milkweed.

The two camellias I got from the Lyman Estate. The one on the left is pink and the one on the right is white.

The wild acorn squash plant! It's trying to take over my peppers!

Honeysuckle, Dahalia 'Seattle', Stargazer lilies, Black Krim tomato, Cherokee Purple tomato, basil, orange mini bell peppers, dill, strawberry.

The famous Bhut Jolokias are ripening! Be scared! Be very very scared! :P

Black cherry tomatoes growing, but what is that big tomato below?!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jungle & Vacation

After being away for a week I came home to a jungle! Well...sort of. It's never good to put someone else in charge, especially if that someone else is male and not into plants! My jasmine and Tiny Tim tomato are in shock. :( My lemon lost its baby lemon! :( Nothing died persay, but stressed for sure!
My acorn squash doubled in size as you can see in the above pic. It has a baby squash growing on it! The marigolds I planted last year has gotten HUGE! Had I known they were going to get that big I wouldn't have planted them next to the peppers! I might need to dig them fact, that's probably a good idea! They weren't nearly as big last year!

Here's two pics of my Dahalia 'Seattle'. I accidentally broke this one so I had to cut it off the plant!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

German Red Garlic

Today I decided to check on my German Red garlic. They all had about 4-5 green leaves left, which is a good thing. I decided to harvest them since I'll be going out of town this Saturday. Broke a few skinny stalks from the bulb. Some I could find, others I couldn't. I guess I'll know when they grow next year!

They were not nearly as big as the bulb I originally bought to put in, but compared to my Music/mystery bulbs they were bigger with the exception of the smaller bulbs planted. John said that they like rich soil...I think rich is an understatement since the German family I met just a few weeks back grows theirs in 100% year old compost! I'm gonna have to try that this fall. I need more space though...or grow less lilies, but they are oh so pretty to look at instead of just garlic! Dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Growths

Bhut Jolokia peppers growing.

Yellow jacket got into one of my pitcher plants and tried to escape by chewing a hole through the side, but that's where he died still!

Dahalia 'Seattle'

Dahalia 'Seattle' isn't as big as the package said the flower would be... :( Nor is it as yellow as it was shown. There is a lot of pink scattered all over. Maybe they packaged the wrong one in the bag?

Stargazer lilies

Close up of a Stargazer lily. I took off the pollen because they stain everything including me when I am gardening around it! I look forward to its fragrance every year!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garlic Harvest

So my Music and mystery garlic patch was ready to harvest...they all had about 3-4 leaves that were brown. This year's harvest was kind of a disappointment. The bulbs were mostly small and some were even smaller than in previous years! German Red is yet to be ready so I haven't harvested those yet. I will have to add some good compost after all the garlic is harvested so that it is ready to be planted this fall.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stargazer Lilies

The first of my stargazer lilies opened a few days ago, but in today's heat a whole bunch of them have bloomed! Love the scent of them!