Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday, I went to the Steel City Reptile Expo. There at a poison dart frog vendor's booth, what caught my eye was the gorgeous lush green live moss in the tank! Not that I didn't notice the cute little frogs, but the moss was AMAZING! I had to pick his brain about how to grow the stuff. I also bought a bag of live moss from him. It was a bit pricey, but for the info he gave me it was worth it. While I have no frogs (yet!) I did plant my moss and hopefully I can grow more of it! Maybe I can add a little frog too later :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had outsmarted the squirrels from stealing my suet cakes from my suet feeder by putting a cable tie on the opening since they figured out how to open it to steal the whole thing! Unfortunately, my new suet feeder opens from the bottom unlike my old one that opened from the top. Needless to say...those squirrels maybe smart, but not smart enough to just chew off that cable tie! Instead, they just tried to chew the wires instead. All the plastic that covers the feeder is gone and it is just raw wire now. I'm sure that will rust away soon. Good thing those things aren't that expensive!

I also see some teeth/claw marks on my copper bird feeder. Little bastards! I don't mind sharing, but damnit....don't take it all and don't ruin my feeders!

More Seeds

Yesterday at Lowes I found these beautiful purple pansies with white edging. Bought a packet of seeds so I planted them today as well as my herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, stevia, oregano) and black cherry tomato seeds. Hopefully, they will all work out as I have no idea when to start each of them. I also bought sunflower seeds, yellow habaƱero, papaya cream nasturtiums, zuchini, mustard, and arugula seeds, but will start those later as I now those germinate easy or that I don't need them as early. I had wanted to start my sugar snap peas, but my window box that I grow them in is completely frozen at the moment. This winter is refusing to go away!

I did move my pepper seedlings to my light rack in hopes of giving it some adequate light. I left the Bhut Jolokia seedlings in the window sill since it was doing so well there and not leggy. Of course, it is quite the slow growing plant!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Planning

Today I went to talk to Dave about our display. Made some plans, but it doesn't look like I will have many if any plants to display at our annual orchid show! My Dendrochilum is starting to bloom. I have one Masdevallia with ONE flower bud, ready to open and my Paph. lowii that is spiking. The lowii might make it if I can time it right, but man I have nothing! Oh, I have a few phals spiking too, but those are meh. Hopefully my Phal. equestris will bloom for the show this year so I can have Tim prove to the judges that it is indeed an equestris! Thank god for knowing the right people in the right places. We will have plants, but I'd like to enter more of my own plants for judging, ya know?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plants Deer Don't Like

While reading my February 2010 issue of Gardening How-To Magazine, I
came across an article that I am always asked about as a Phipps Master
Gardener..."How do I keep deer from eating my plants?" This is what I

• If they are hungry enough they will try anything, poisonous or not.

• Cover up new growth, they love tender new shoots!

Plants they are not fond of:

• bee balm
• boxwood
• daffodil
• hellebore
• lamb's ears
• lavender
• ornamental grasses
• peony
• prostrate (creeping) speedwell
• sage
• Siberian iris
• spotted deadnettle

Things deer don't like in plants...spicy, scented, soft or spiky, but
these don't always work depending on your deer. I can't attest to
whether these work or not as I do not have a deer problem.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sproutin' Peppers

5 out of the 6 types of pepper seeds I planted have sprouted! Hopefully they will grow well. I have no idea where I am going to be growing them all though!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Power!

Went to the orchid society meeting today and managed to not come home w/ another orchid...only b/c I only had $12 in cash and credit cards with me and the cheapest plant was $15 haha! Instead, I got to show off my blooming Australian Dendrobium. A fellow member liked it so much she wants a piece of it when I divide it! Worked out perfectly since she bought the plant I wanted...I told her I'll trade her for a piece of her plant :D

There was a lot of show info going on since our show is in two months. I am hoping I will have something in bloom to show! Dave and I are going to attempt our own exhibit this year. They tried to rope me into doing all sorts of volunteer stuff, but luckily I have already promised my time to a vendor!

Came home after the meeting feeling a bit empty w/o a new orchid, but I had to remind myself the show is just around the corner and I will bring home all sorts then even though I am trying to downsize some so I can grow some of my other types of favorite plant....carnivorous plants! I watered all my plants and threw away three orchids. Yes, I THREW AWAY ORCHIDS! They were dead and weren't going to come back so into the trash bucket they went! There are probably an orchid or two left that maybe on its way out too due to neglect or water getting into its crown and whatnot. Oh well...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I got two flowers off my Cymbidium Honey Bunny 'Sugar Candy'. Quite pretty...not quite as yellow as I had expected. Should've maybe gotten the pink instead since the plant is smaller anyhow! I don't think the spike that I broke will bloom either. The buds are all yellow.

My Australian Dendrobium is blooming with two spikes! This isn't the current bloom, but here's a pic of it's bloom last time:

My Paph. lowii is budding! Can't wait...I hope it blooms in time for the show!

The Bhut Jolokia is growing REALLY slow! Just added some vermicompost to them tonight. Hopefully that helps! It doesn't have a very strong root system either so I am hoping that helps too. Otherwise I might give it a blast of rooting hormone too!

I also have a Dendrochilum in spike. That thing blooms so reliably for me each year! I love reliable bloomers!

My Oncidium Twinkle 'Red Fantasy' isn't doing so hot. I need to replant it into bark. It is not happy in semi-hydroponic apparently. I doubt it'll do well in bark again since I didn't do well w/ it in bark before! This might just have to be one of those orchids I have to give up on and enjoy them only when someone else grows it!

Paph. villosum is still going strong, but I suspect it is nearing its end soon as it has been blooming for awhile and they only last about six weeks.

Other than that....need to start planning for spring! I am ready for it!