Sunday, July 8, 2012

Samba's Begonia

Last year on about June first I was exhausted from worrying over Samba dying that I took a break and went shopping for some food. While out, there was a stand of plants for could I resist? I walked in and thought I ought to cheer up myself with a new plant. I bought this beautiful begonia and it bloomed and grew, albeit a bit leggy throughout winter. I put it outside this spring and it has filled in and grown beautifully! It's a nice reminder of my buddy... I hope I can keep it alive for a long time!


Watered my Plumerias to find too much activity behind this candle. Turns out they are building a nest! Yuck! :S

Best Deal Ever!

These Smith & Hawken metal pots were $49.99 originally. I've been looking for this style for a long time, but was unwilling to pay the price they were asking for! Guess it paid off to wait because I got these for $14.99 each! Woot! Gotta love a good Target deal!

My First Watermelon!

This pic was taken awhile ago...this watermelon baby is about 3" in diameter today. There are four so far!


It's been so dry this year my grass is brown! My garlic looked pretty bad and my Stargazer lily flowers are no where near a big as they have been in the past. Even buds have dried up! I'm going to have to water more so they have better growth next year.