Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Adventures

So this is my first garden blog. I'm hoping to add more to this as time goes on.

Started some hot pepper seeds a few days ago (week?), but am having a tough time getting the soil wet so that the seeds can germinate. I keep spraying them every day so hopefully it will get there! Still need to plant my herbs and tomatoes. The house is going to look like a jungle soon till our last frost date comes (Memorial Day weekend) so that I can move everything outside!

Tomorrow hopefully I can seed the lawn and apply corn gluten (pre-emergent weed controller) to the front yard, side alley (between my house and my neighbor's) and my little patch where my (hopefully) soon to be native orchids are going to flourish! I'll have to apply it to the lawn later.

The orchids are doing really well for me this last year. I have had something in bloom every month! The local orchid show put on by the society I belonged to also brought about some new orchids to my collection.

I'm hoping all my hardy ferns made it through the winter outdoors along with my garlic and lily bulbs.

I will see about putting up some pictures!

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