Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So yesterday I got a bag of pine mulch. It sure looked heavier than it actually was! Covered my Cyps. with it and planted my Betilla and covered that also. I should've probably planted those at an angle so they'd grow straight, but I didn't. I should've also taken it out of its pot, but I also didn't! Maybe next spring I will dig them back up and take it off, but right now that is how they are going to overwinter! The one that couldn't overwinter outdoors I brought back indoors and placed it on my enclosed front porch, which leaks still so it is doing a slow cool down to dormancy. Hopefully it'll overwinter ok!

Got some garlic bulbs too. I think they are called "Magic", but since the nursery didn't mark it anywhere I'm not sure.

I also bought 3 pumpkins. They were expensive! $12.99 and $11.99 each! And a small one for $1.99! But since I was there already I didn't feel like driving elsewhere and wasting more gas! We'll have to carve them later this week.

It is getting cold quickly here. I am not enjoying it! What happened to that indian summer???

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