Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Blooms

I am so hot from cleaning the house that I decided to take a peek at my plants. I wanted to weed some plants out and downsize some, but as usual, that was pretty unsuccessful. I only found one plant! Of course, I didn't look outside, but as I was looking at what was left of my collection in the basement, while the others summered outside, I saw this little guy in bloom! I didn't even know it was in spike! When I say is LITTLE! Maybe about 3" wide? The flowers are smaller, but they are also fragrant! It's a Neofinitia falcata. What name I don't know...forgot to look on the tag. It smells good enough to eat! I also found a Masdevallia in bloom. I saw the bud come up a few weeks ago and thought it was the only one, but turns out there are more to come! I will get a picture of it when it finally opens up all the way.

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