Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomato Plants

My tomato plants are well above my head and was blooming like crazy, but lately...the leaves look like they got burnt by a hot exhaust or something. There are a few green tomatoes on there is ripening up. Maybe all the rain last week did the damage?

On a non-tomato Plumeria is in bud, but since I had to move it back inside it is trying to go into dormancy. I don't know if I'll get to see the flowers or not! :( My Paph. & Phrag. are still in bloom! Things are going well....indoor watering is winding up! Been quite chilly here lately...I love fall, but I am certainly not looking forward to winter!

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Tony Shoemaker said...

You may have gotten hit by the blight that was going around this year. A widespread blighting of a mold spore swept into our area and across the entire western half of our state, nearly killing all of the tomato crops locally. You have to trim the dead leaves off, and the browned branches, throw them away in a plastic bag. Amazingly mine came back later in the season.