Monday, September 3, 2012

I am really bad at keeping up with this blog this year! Of course, not much to post about since I did not grow much this year. The garlic was dismal this year! I didn't have time this spring to baby it like I normally do and it's been an especially dry summer. Even my lilies did not look that great this year thanks to the drought.

My Dahlia 'Duet' did GREAT this year and all in an itty bitty pot too! I'm pretty sure it has rooted into the soil below. I got a new Dahlia called 'Hawai'i' this year and the first bloom I got looked nothing like what was pictured, however, as it blooms more, the flowers are starting to look more like the picture!

My watermelon hasn't gotten any bigger. It seems they have hit a plateau. One is about softball sized and the other about the size of a baseball. The stem is still green so I am letting them be even though it is September already!

There has not been many stink bugs this year. I thought it was because I did not grow any tomatoes or my feeding the wild birds, but I spoke to Doug Oster at the Phipps Tomato and Garlic Festival and he mentioned the same thing! Go figure that the year I choose not to grow any tomatoes there aren't any stink bugs! Let's hope they don't come back!

This is how the tag looks...

This is what bloomed!

Another bloom....this one looks a bit closer to what the tag looks like!

This one is the most recent bloom. Now we're talking! The blooms are much bigger than I expected. Not a bad problem though!

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