Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Peppers!

So my Bhut Jolokia died some time ago and I have been trying to start a new one from seed. The two plants I have fruited and it does not look anywhere near a Bhut! The other plant hasn't fruited yet, although it has bloomed. Doesn't surprise me since the first time I started any seeds, one of them was also not a Bhut either! So I posted about this in a chili forum and someone was nice enough to offer me some seeds. I only wanted just a new Bhut, but they were nice enough to send me not only regular Bhut, but I got Chocolate Bhut and Butch T (Trinidad Scorpion) also! I planted them tonight. I hope they sprout and grow well! I can't wait to challenge those who say to me that the like it "REALLY HOT!" }:D

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