Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Harvest Has Begun!

Another Patio Tomato harvested! Just got my first ripe Black Prince tomato too!

Had a volunteer tomato sprout in one of my large pots at the old house! Thought I needed that pot so I transplanted it into this smaller pot. Finally moved it to the new house to see what it is! Probably a cherry tomato of some sort as they seem the most prolific! 

I forget where I planted what, but I know I planted watermelon and pumpkin seeds here so we'll just have to wait and see what it is that really sprouted!

Check out our grapes! Not sure what kind they are or when they might be ready. 

Some of my plants that I dug up from the old house. The one that is quite brown is an Itoh Peony that went into shock. I'm hoping it recovers...

I totally forgot to harvest my garlic! Went to the old house, saw them and finally thought to myself "Hey! It's past the 4th of July!" Doh! So I dug them up! Some of the ones in the shade didn't look ready yet. At most, they had only one to two brown leaves. I'll give it another few days.

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