Monday, September 16, 2013

Falling Into Autumn

I think I have to find a way to incorporate some of these into the garden! 

This weekend is the start of fall so I was feeling festive and picked up a few things! Love these warty pumpkins! I will have to save some seeds!

I added the orange themed pansies to the two urns since my Nasturtiums never really grew. They look nice and festive with the black Petunias! I put the pumpkins by the front doors, but I think I may have to cave to those darn Mums! It just NEEDS something, ya know?! 

An Epiphyllum is in bud! I hope I get to see it bloom! 

Buried my Ostrich fern and one of my Hellebores under the garage staircase. Need to dig a much bigger hole for the other one! 

Peonies, Irises and a Bletilla are buried by the fence, ready for winter as soon as I mulch it!

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