Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Dream Garden

I finally found the look of how I would like my garden to look like in an issue of Gardening How-To magazine in the January/February 2014 issue. On page 31, the garden of Scott Endres is exactly how I would like my garden to look like, LUSH! Although I like his theme, I'd like mine to contain lots of fragrant stuff! Unfortunately, I don't think my hubby and I see eye to eye on how our landscape should look like. He likes the orderly chemical filled landscape that has been chopped into round or square shapes, whereas I like the more organic, natural blended look. Dilemma? I'd say so!

This same issues also brought other inspiration in new cultivars! The Golden Duchess Eastern hemlock from Monrovia is a pretty, small, and weeping lime colored evergreen! I think it would make for good structure in a garden. Also, Lotus Moon pearlbush, from Bailey Nurseries, looks like a good alternative to the typical forsythia, azalea, etc.! I hate planting things everyone else has so this plant fits the bill!

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