Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swiss Chard

So today was the big planting day for Swiss Chard. I didn't realize how big the seeds were! Had I known how few seeds there were in the packet I would've taken an extra! The kale and collard green seeds sprouted quickly, but they have now also become really leggy and I am not sure how to go about that. They are still too thin for me to touch and they are now all tangled :\ My peppers, tomatoes, and such are doing well. The tomatoes are starting to get real leaves and I got impatient so I pulled out the fish fertilizer tonight and gave them some! I am sure hubby will be complaining about how the house smells like rotten fish now ;) I'm supposed to start tomatoes in seven days...guess I will start the others then! I don't see how any of these will be big enough to play by May sticking to this schedule? Oh well....they're not for me anyway!

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