Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Garden Gloves

I have been on a quest for new garden gloves since my beloved pair of suede gloves starting really falling apart. I did find new suede gloves and bought two pairs, but I recently needed gloves with grip for some sailing I was doing and found these at my favorite nursery in Seattle, Sky Nursery! They do not breathe real well, but the grip is amazing and they fit my hands nicely! Apart from the non-breathable aspect, these are some really fantastic gloves! 
My Bletilla bloomed while I was away and is still in bloom!
These indoor orchids also bloomed while I was away!
This mystery plant has been confirmed as cilantro! It's huge! Will have to move this to the back soon! 
Saw this arrangement at the Valholl Brewery in Poulsbo, WA and thought it was pretty! 
Found this beautiful shrub at Sky Nursery! 

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