Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer is Here!

Even though it is not the summer equinox yet I think summer has arrived anyhow. All those spring rains have all of a sudden stopped and the last few days have been hot and humid. Temps are in the high 80s to 90s and the humidity I think is about 80% and above! My pansies are NOT liking this weather at all, but as long as I keep them watered they seem to hang in there.

Phipps has a chocolate exhibit that I have yet to go. I will just wait until I volunteer to go.

My lillies are budding up surprisingly enough! They are growing in full shade! I will need to move them this fall so they are more organized looking! I think I will cut them as cut flowers when they do bloom. Not a fan of how they look really in the garden.

The garlic is TALL! I didn't realize how big they can get physically! I hope this means that the bulbs are getting really fat underground!

The zucchini plants are finally starting to take off and grow some! It's about time! Hopefully I will get some zucchinis out of them before the squash borers get to them!

My herbs planted in my garlic bed has not done well at all. I think the slugs are getting to them. I will have to put some slug bait near them! The other herbs in the pots are doing GREAT! Just planted all my mints in the big black pot in my backyard with the Brug in it, but it was probably a bad idea since I put them on the edge and that is where the soil gets frozen first. I'll probably have to dig them back out or something in the fall. I wish I had more space!

The habanero plants keep getting aphids. It doesn't matter how often I spray them. They just keep coming back! GRRR!!!!

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