Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stapelia & Neofinetia

So I brought two orchids, of which I was unhappy with, to the OSWP meeting this afternoon and gave them away for free. I, of course (must be an unwritten rule of orchid-holics), bring home three new ones instead! LOL I got a yellow flowering Neofinetia and one with red tails. Both are from Japan. I wish I could've bought more as I loved some of the real itty bitty ones! Maybe in the future. I also got a freebie Dendrobium. No idea what it'll look like, but I'll give it a shot!

So I come home, repot them like I normally do with any new orch
ids I get, cuz if I don't, they'll die! Especially if they are potted in sphagnum moss like these were. It just holds too much water and rots at my house. As I am putting my new plants on my light stand and watering them I notice that my Stapelia in bud...has gotten bigger! Not the plant, but the bud! It is cracking open too so this should be a pretty interesting and impressive flower! Much bigger than I am used to with my maroon 3/4" flower. This one looks to be a lighter color with spots too. Will get a pic when it opens, but this is what it is currently looking like:

I also came home to find my Bulbophyllum in full bloom, but it is all contorted. I tried fixing it prior to this pic:

This is what it is called in case you were wondering:

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