Friday, September 5, 2008


If there is any doubt that weed and feed doesn't harm you, just look at your soil life. I received my earthworm cocoons today in the mail from Gardens Alive! and I went around my yard digging holes for these little guys. There was not one worm to be found! Not even the red wigglers I accidentally put into my garden last year! So if you don't think weed and feed is harmful....think again! Hopefully, I won't have to order new earthworms again now that I have re-"seeded" the yard again with them. I will be throwing away that bag of weed and feed ASAP to avoid this happening again!

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Anonymous said...

So nice to find your blog. I am a PA girl, now living in CA.Pitt is my Alma Mater.
I am a landscaper now, and it is great to read about a gardener's adventures in PGH. I didn't get to garden much when young, but am making up for it now.
My CA yard was thin soil on volcanic rock and other rock. I had no dirt or earthworms. For 30 years, I have been getting the tree chippers at tree companies to dump all their chipped and shredded stuff on my property. I would spread it all around and cover the ground 6 inches deep. It rots down to just 1/2 in in time, so I keep adding all the time.I am totally organic and in the 30 yrs, I have now a good foot of loamy soil built & it is filled to the brim with earthworms.
Every shovel dig anywhere in my garden/yard will yield at least 3 worms.
Organic compost + h2O + organic methods - inorganic pesticides = zillions of worms. I never imported one.
Well, back to reading your blog.
Where do you keep your tropicals in winter? I may find out in further reading. Good luck.
and thanks for writing this blog.