Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apple Tree

So this morning as I am worrying about finding a dentist that is open I heard a loud crack! I looked outside and saw right away what had happened. The old apple tree in my neighbor's yard that was struck by lightening a few years ago....broke. The only surviving mature branch, laden with apples, finally succumbed to its own offspring's weight :( It has a few little twigs on it left, but they are no where near big enough to be bearing fruit. Hopefully it survives since the top has been dead since that strike. I went over and salvaged as many, non-bruised apples that weren't infested with apple maggot, as possible. I've really enjoyed watching this tree over the years.

The owner, who passed away last year or the year before, was the one who sold us our house. Every fall he used to come and pick up all the fallen fruit. He said, at the time, 30 years ago he bought an apple, pear and peach tree for $1 each! They were only a few feet tall and little twigs at the time! The peach tree died early on and I can still see the stump today. I hope the apple tree isn't next. The pear tree is SO pretty each spring when it loses its flower petals. While the house is a rental, I hope the man's sons do not decide to cut down these trees.

p.s. It's really hot out!

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