Sunday, August 1, 2010


A few days ago Adam came over for a visit, bringing the flava he got me as well as some other things he wanted to show me. As I was giving him a tour of my patch, he found a little monarch caterpillar!

This was the first day we found it...looked to be at L2 stage, 1/4" long:

Day 2:

You can tell it is getting fatter!

Look at its cute little stripey face!

Day 3:

He looks like he is about to burst!

This is how tiny he is compared to my hand!

Look how much bigger the body is than the head! Definitely a porker!

Day 4:

L3 stage. Looks like Fattie molted! Check out the new antennas!

Looking more like a caterpillar!

Day 5:

L4, Fattie must've molted again last night. Look at those loooong antennas!

I think he was sleeping here. I wish I could tell in their larval stage whether they are boys or girls. For now it's a he to me :)

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