Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute

The nights have been dipping into the 20s lately. I finally brought my Cymbidiums in the other night. Today I finally had the time to go get mulch, only to find out it was slim pickings! :( I got a bag of cedar mulch instead. On my way out, I noticed they had cow manure! Never seen it sold before and it was cheap enough! So I picked up a bag of that too to dump over my garlic bed. I just put it right on top of my clippings in hopes that it will decompose faster this way! The mulch I put over my buried carnivorous plants. Still need to put more down, but I was running out of sunlight to see so it will have to be done tomorrow instead!

I also picked up another Amaryllis. I just couldn't help it! :D

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