Friday, May 6, 2011

May Market 2011

Much to everyone's disappointment this year, the mushroom sandwiches were not there this year! :( I was so looking forward to a nice hot cup of mushroom soup with a mushroom sandwich! Thank god the fodant dipped strawberries were there at least! Luckily strawberries weren't all there was to eat. Phipps had a whole stand of made to order food of pizza or tacos! I got the pizza and it was yummy!

I walked around for hours with only one plant in my hand. I know, shocking, right? Well, I fixed that real quick LOL I picked up the following:

Tricyrtis hirtis 'Moonlight' (Toad Lily)

2 Spiranthes cernua var. odorata (Lady's Tresses), I couldn't help it, they were only $4 each!

Viola odorata 'Rosina' (Strawberry Viola)

2 Iris cristata

Fragaria vesca 'Variegata'

Callirhoe digita Winecups

2 Aslepias incarnata 'Cinderella' (Cinderella Milkweed)

Maya Red Habanero

Pea Green (These are SUPER yummy!)

Lemon Verbena

There was a new vendor there this year from Ohio who specializes in all things miniature! I loved it! Above is one of his fairy garden displays!

The Wisteria in this picture has nothing to do with May Market, but they were in bloom in the outdoor gardens and it just smelled SO good I had to take a picture to remember them by! :)

This also has nothing to do with May Market besides the fact that I saw it in bloom in the outdoor gardens at Phipps while I was there and thought these peonies were SO pretty! I can't wait for mine to bloom! I did not see any buds on mine this year. I hope it just means it is too young to bloom and not that it is not getting enough sun! :S

Anyhow, I tried hard not to buy anything, but it didn't work so I hurriedly planted them in the ground or in pots so that my other half won't see LOL This was the first year I volunteered at the Shrub & Perennial booth and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I need to volunteer at a booth that doesn't sell anything I might want though to save myself! I think that might be hard to do as it IS May Market, where one goes to buy PLANTS! LOL

It was supposed to rain this afternoon and I got there all prepared, but we lucked out and had GREAT weather!

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