Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Battle with Humdity & Air Movement


I forget why, but I used my thermometer/humidistat elsewhere awhile back from my light stand, thus forgetting to check what the parameters had become. It was a low of 45% humidity! Eek! I turned off the fan last night and put up my portable humidifier. I got it up to 55% humidity and turn it down some before bed so it wouldn't run out of water as it only holds a small bottle of water (20 oz). I awoke to the humidity back down to 45% :( I have since cranked it back up to full speed and it has been a few hours already, but it is only at 50% still. I don't want to lose anything to mold/fugus so I have turned my fan back on, but plugged it into the timer so there will be air movement when the lights are on and off when the lights are off. Hopefully this will give my poor plants some much needed boost! I completely forgot that mealybugs like a dry environment. No wonder their population exploded this year! Hoping this will correct the problem!

On another note, I got my first seed catalog already and I am already drooling at the thought of what I can plant next year!


So the lights have gone off and so has the fan. I just checked and the humidity is up to 59%! I had to turn down the humidifier a bit even though I would love to keep it at 60% all the time. I don't want mold to grow in the house!

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