Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Unusual Winter

It's been extremely warm this winter. I am not complaining by any means! I am SO glad that there hasn't been much snow. Phil, the groundhog, said there is six more weeks of winter. I'm A-OK with that as long as it stays as it has been! My garlic and hyacinths are peeking out of the ground already. They'll be alright though. I'm thinking I may not plant tomatoes this year as it is useless to plant any when all the stink bugs just eat them all anyway! My Bhut Jolokia doesn't seem to have survived the winter this year, which really sucks. I've started new seeds. I hope they sprout! I may have to get them their own light next year! I think I may do without the habaneros too since we have plenty in the freezer. That ought to last my chili making for a long while!

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