Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day = Garlic Planting Day!

Yep, you read that right! A few years ago, I was on a garden tour and this German couple grew the most beautiful and LARGE garlic bulbs ever! I just had to pick their brains! They said:

- Full sun
- Compost and lots of it!
- Plant on Columbus Day
- Harvest on July 4th

I'm a geek, so I had to read about how the pros do it too and it pretty much coincided with the above advice only I do a bit more per the book. I don't get great harvests, but I do get some! I lack the full sun :( I keep trying to convince my hubby we need to move. I need garden space!

Anyhow, I got some great bulbs from Enon Valley Garlic this year to plant since my crop was just non-existant! I highly recommend them because the cloves were GIGANTIC! So I planted them today. Six in my sunniest spot and the rest in my patch with tons of mulch on top! Let's hope they like me better next year!

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