Sunday, May 19, 2013

New House, New Garden!

Today I finally got to plant a new garden at the new house! Two Black Krim tomatoes, a Red Currant tomato, a Black Prince tomato and a Patio tomato were planted along with two Carmen sweet bell peppers (red) and two Flavor Burst sweet bell peppers (yellow). I also planted my two mystery hot peppers, a collard and my favorite, basil! Need to figure out where to plant my Valerian and Oregano since they will be perennials. My Sugar Ann sugar snap peas have sprouted. There aren't as many as I had hoped for. Will need to plant my beans too. I think I will have those climb the tomato cages. 

Other than that, I moved all my high light plants out into full sun. My Stenosarcus is about done blooming and my Cyprepridium pubescens has been in bloom for a few weeks. Hopefully it won't be mad at me for transplanting it! 

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