Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Full Memorial Day Weekend of Plantings!

Right row: 

Pumpkin French Musquee Provence
Pumpkin Sugar
Kabocha sake home
Butternut Squash
Acorn Squash

Middle row:

Warty pumpkin 
White pumpkin
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Zucchini Dark Star
Cucumber Lemon

Left row:

Sweet potatoes

My Sugar Ann sugar snap peas bloomed this pink bloom this morning!

Got my Peonies in the ground today! Left to right: Sorbet (pink & yellow) herbaceous peony, yellow tree peony, Gardenia (white) herbaceous peony and Kopper Kettle tree peony.

I also moved my blackberry as hubby was weed whacking it even though it had a red tag on it! Planted my sweet peppers, edamame, mystery eggplant, rosemary, acorn & butternut squash, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potatoes, basil, strawberries, cilantro, sunflower and potted up my super hot peppers into larger pots. 

I went to plant my Hakone grass and decided another location would be better for it and planted them by the fence still, but in the planter boxes a previous owner had created. Unfortunately I only had five plants so it is very limited at the moment. When I find more, I will purchase more! It should look pretty damn good once I get the boxes filled! Now I just have to figure out something else that is tolerant of furry footed traffic that also tolerates dry soil :) 

It was quite the productive day! I even vacuumed the whole house! Tomorrow, I need to cut down the dead stuff off my Hydrangea and roses. I was surprised to see the roses actually coming back to life! All the new growth is coming off the base. I'm hoping it's not the rootstock growth. So I will be pruning those up too as well as mopping all the floors and cleaning the bathrooms! 

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