Thursday, May 22, 2014

WOOHOO! Memorial Day is Upon Us!

I'm not celebrating because it is a three day weekend. I'm celebrating as a gardener in zone 6a that it is time to plant my plants in the ground!!! :D

My collard greens came back!

See the little guy at the bottom and its predecessor all dried up behind it?

And this morning I found my first sugar snap pea! YAY!
I love these tomato cages! I just went and got three more to expand it since I have about 6-7 tomato plants to plant! I'm going to have tomatoes coming out of my EARS! :)
My garlic is doing well too! Look how big they are!
Some of the plants I haven't dug up yet that I dug up from the old house. I swear there are like no plants left there anymore LOL
More plants from the old house...
And more from the old house...
A photo bomb by the dog and another Peony :)

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