Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Happenings

This is my largest tomato! I'm pretty sure I got the tags mixed up somehow and this Pineapple! It's got a great taste! Definitely will be growing this again! It's so pretty too!

The bottom of the tomato.

The inside! See how pretty it is?

I think this is my Japanese Kobacha squash....not sure? Will have to look at my seed packets, but it is getting big! 

My little watermelon! It's gotten big, but it isn't ripe yet still! *sigh*

Found a baby pumpkin growing! 

Another small pumpkin growing on the tomato cage! This one is bigger than the last. 

My beautiful kale! <3 p="">

Dahlia 'Potluck'. Not very impressed by this strain...less colorful than I expected! 

My milkweed finally bloomed! 

Seven spikes!!! This is the second time this Pleurothallis convallium 'D&M' has bloomed for me and I only got it this past May! 

This little Masdavallia Peachie must be happy with me as it threw out a spike!

Papillio in full bloom

Garlic 'Music' all squeaky clean and ready to be eaten/planted! Most of it will be planted as I did not get nearly enough to get much to be eaten this year unfortunately! :( 

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