Thursday, October 9, 2014

Living Soil

It's pretty amazing that a year and a half ago when I got my new garden, all I had was clay! It was a bit disheartening to start all over again, but it hasn't taken long to see life in the soil again! It took a truckload and a few bags of compost and mulch and now when I dig into the dirt, I see.....WORMS! Not only do I see worms, but I see underground fungi growing and breaking things down so my plants can consume the nutrients that are released! The soil isn't quite as soft as it was at the old house, but it won't take long....just a few more truckloads of compost! :D Recently, a video, called Symphony of the Soil, was made available online about soil biology. It is only available for a few days until the 11th, two days from now, but it is worth watching! The cinematographer did a beautiful job on the movie, however, it really explains why we should be aware of what we do on this earth and how we go about consuming things. Why is soil so important? It's just dirt, right? This is something worth digging into ;)

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