Friday, May 8, 2015

May Market Finds

What happened to spring?! This year was the first in 10 years that I have been a master gardener that I did not volunteer at Phipps May Market. It wasn't unintentional...I did sign up, but a coworker took the day off to get a head start on her vacation and I did not realize the change so I had to work instead. Normally that wouldn't be an issue except that we are under staffed. Luckily it went on til 7pm and I managed to get out on time on a Friday! It was SO hot though! It is usually cold or rainy for this event! It certainly didn't help wearing my polyester uniform with wool socks and compression sleeves! 
These are a MUST when you visit May Market! Fondant strawberries!

Picked up Brugmansia Manifique, a new Tillandsia xerographica since mine rotted, and a cute little pig! 

Here's a close up of the cute little pig!

Got some must have basil and a Anise Hissop!

Got two new tomatoes to try, but then realized I picked up the wrong one, Manyel! Ugh! Snow White is a cherry that I picked, but the other is so not what I wanted! 😒 Maybe I will go back tomorrow and pick up the one I really wanted.

I also got this FANTASTIC metal topiary/frame! It's about 4' tall and it was only $29!!! Unfortunately the woman did not have any business cards or a website even. They only do shows! She did say they had bigger ones, but had sold out! Just my luck! :(

Phipps had more Hakone grass. I meant to ask Margie to order me some, but I forgot. I should've asked if she was ordering and if so to save me some, but again, I got busy and forgot! They had 9 left and I bought all 9! I just need ONE more! UGH! Oh well!

My grape vine has what looks to be eggs all over it. What I am not sure!

This popped up in the yard...not sure what it is though! It doesn't taste or smell like anything!

Close up of the leaves...

My Sugar Ann sugar snap peas are growing, but if this heat continues they aren't going to stay very long!

My Cyprepedium bloomed yesterday. Today's heat obviously stressed it out a bit as the tips of the petals are a bit crispy :(

Look how incredibly flat the dorsal is!
The mosquitos are out in full force already. I went to plant those Hakone grasses and got three giant bites already! Lovely! One of the two things I really hate about summer weather!

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