Saturday, May 9, 2015

More May Market Finds

I barely made it back to May Market today! I did get the wrong tomato yesterday! I got the one I really wanted to try instead! Marvel! Yes, I picked it because of its comic name! Hopefully it is as good as its description says it was!
A few more plants! I couldn't help it! It's like a kid in a candy store! I found a red Bleeding Heart! I also got a Night Blooming Jasmine and a different variety of Mendenille, myriantha to be exact! 
I realized today at work that I forgot to water my plants this past Wednesday, my mid-week french! 😳 When I got upstairs I found my Amaryllis in bloom! Way late as it should've bloomed two Christmases ago!
I also found my peach Epiphyllum ready to bloom! Except the other two buds it had blasted 😫
We've been on a tent caterpillar rampage here on the apple tree! 
The garlic here is not doing as well as the other area.
Got new Hakone grass for the planter boxes planted! Just need ONE more!!! There are one box on each end that I don't know if I ought to fill in or not...
Bletilla striata is poking through the ground next to its seed capsule from last year!

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