Saturday, April 5, 2008


56.4*F today! Not exactly warm, but at least it's not freezing!

Planted a fern, but then
realized most everything was still dormant so I wasn't sure where all my plants are. The plant tags I left in the ground are approximate since the freeze and thaw pulled some of them out. So I left the one fern and the other shade plant in their pots instead.

Planted 11 of the 12 six pack of pansies and left one for a neighbor since I bought too many as always. Next year, I really only need about eight of the six pack pansies. Maybe this blog will help me remember that! :)

I also limed the lawn, dug up some weeds that had survived the winter and I put some more corn gluten down behind the shed even though technically it's not our property, but I hate seeing weeds all summer long. It only harbors fleas and who knows what from those feral cats my neighbor feeds anyway.

I finally got to re-pot some of my newly acquired orchids from the show last month since I finally got the pots that I needed for them. Repotted an African violet 'Blue Dragon' also since it was in such a teensy weensy pot. Will have to top dress some of my other soil plants later since I forgot to do that when I came in even though I left the pot of soil ready to go in the kitchen!

So that was all I did today garden-wise! Tomorrow is cooking day!

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