Friday, April 4, 2008


So I stopped by Lowes today and found two new ferns that I don't have! I just had to have them for my fern garden. I am aiming at all different sorts of hardy ferns with an occassional non-fern interspersed into it. Should be a nice shade garden. Ferns are about the only non-blooming plant I want!

I also got two flats of pansies, one of which fell off my Costco cart as I was maneuvering things around to fit so that I could go home! Ack! They looked ok though...they'll recover I'm sure!

I also picked up a lavender even though I don't have the full sun for it, but it's so hard to resist how fragrant they are! I just love them!

Tomorrow....lime the lawn and PLANT PLANT PLANT!!! :D Can't wait! I hope it doesn't rain!

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