Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall is Around the Corner

Football has apparently started. That is my signal that fall is just around the corner. Probably another reason why I hate football! Means my growing season is coming to an end! This last week has been super stressful as it was my first week of fall semester back at school. I have a very rigorous class that I have been spending every free moment studying for already. The only times I take a break are if I am eating or if I am taking a short break. It's been hard falling off the face of the earth to everyone I know. I like to keep in touch! So hi to all those folks out there that have not heard from me! I am not dead, just super super busy! I had to force myself to do the dishes today since I have been too busy to do them and the sink was overflowing.

So some garden two Black Krim tomatoes are not only growing at different speeds, but the fruit produced is also looking drastically different from each other. One is more black than the other. One of the fruits has already cracked so much I can see the seed in it. Probably needs to be eaten ASAP so that it doesn't just rot on the vine.

Everything else has been really dry. Some of my ferns have died back, my Irish Moss is trying to go. I hope the both of them have established themselves enough that they will come back next year. Everything else is pretty uneventful. Oh! I did catch the vole that was digging tunnels all over my yard with a mouse trap! WOOHOO! I did re-set it in case it decided to leave me any friends or offspring that might want to see who took mommy's life!

Anyway, back to the grindstone here....

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