Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomato Growth Progress

I am finally done with my chores and had some time to take some updated pictures. The garlic is all harvested. They weren't as fat as I had hoped they would be, but here are some shots of the tomatoes instead:

The tomato in the foreground in the pot is the same as the taller tomato in the ground in the way back, Black Krim. The one in the ground got more constant water as there was more ground to be saturated with the stuff and it probably got some weed and feed too when bf put some down w/o telling me he was going to do so! So it is quite a difference as you shall see...

This is what the whole area looks like now. The zucchini plants have given me 4 zucchinis of which I am afraid to eat due to the weed and feed. There is still one giant zucchini on the vine because I let it get too big to take off. It wouldn't be good to eat so I thought I'd let it go to seed. The honeysuckle sure got big over the Vegas weekend! I had to tie it up some more. No flowers yet, maybe next year!

One giant ugly Black Krim tomato. This is the biggest of them all and grows on the bigger, in the ground, tomato bush. I believe this was the first tomato to grow. You can see how big it is against the is in inches.

These are two smaller Black Krims as you can see. They are two of very few growing in the pot and are ripening up already. These will have less of a chance that they got any weed and feed as evidenced by their size :) Can't wait to try these out as they are AWESOME tomatoes! I think I will always have one of these growing in my yard each summer!

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