Thursday, December 11, 2008

MG Holiday Party

Man I have a weekend of parties. Tonight was the first one, my Phippps Master Gardener Holiday Party. It was a great time except for the fact that we were saying goodbye to our MG coordinator. She's been so wonderful! We'll miss her lots and she will remember us too with the gifts we got her :D Anyway, wanted to share a cute little jingle we sang. It's to the tune of Let It Snow:

Oh the soil outside is blightful,
But the gardener's so insightful;
And because I got lots of dough,
It's gonna grow, gonna grow, gonna grow!

Well, It doesn't show signs of sprouting,
But now's no time for doubting;
So at the problem, Cash I'll throw!
Make it grow, make it grow, make it grow!

When it finally goes to seed,
I will try to get back on track;
So all the Garden Books I'll read,
And next Spring I'll attack!

Well the weather is slowly chilling,
But gardening is sooo fulfilling;
And until it freezes DOWN BELOW,
Let is grow, let it grow, let it grow!

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