Monday, March 23, 2009

Orchid Show 2009: Orchid Reflections

What a great show this year it was! I didn't do the society exhibit, which was really nice! Especially in light of the fact that my grandma passed away early in the morning my time St. Patty's day...I was definitely not feeling up to setting that darn thing up let alone much else! I got to get there late, which probably saved me some money! I was a little nervous that we'd have a bad weekend since it was sunny, but the sales were the best that I have seen in the eight years that I have been a member! I helped one of our vendors sell and none of us were able to go to lunch until 3pm on Saturday! Our feet, ankles and backs were really complaining by the end of the day!

I entered 3 plants into the show, one of which whose spike blasted apparently. :( But the other two got 2nd place ribbons in each of their own classes! I purchased a Phalaenopsis (Phal. for short) Zuma Pixie, Dendrobium (Den. for short) Aussie Chip, Paphiopedlium (Paph. for short) lowii crossed with another Paph, and a Paphiopedlium vietnamense! That is controlled purchasing in my book! The only other thing I bought was $50 in orchid supplies. At the end of the show, I was gifted with a species Phalaenopsis and a new Den. atroviolaceum cross!

I brought a Paph that hadn't been doing well in for the "Pros" to look at. Sadly, all the roots on it had died :( Dennis and I took it into orchid ER for an emergency operation only to find out it had no roots. So we cleaned it up...took it home, re-wired it with some fake roots for anchoring and brought it back in the next day w/ a new smaller pot as Dennis gave me some Diatomite or whatever it is called and we potted it back up. I watered it with a rooting solution and placed it in a spot with less light. Hopefully the roots will re-grow and I get to save this plant. It was a plant that everyone had their eyes on when I first had dibs on it! So please keep your fingers crossed! I really liked it too!

While I look forward to the show each year I am glad it is over. It was great to see all our vendors again. They become some good friends sometimes and you learn a lot from them!

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